Camp, the time of the year where you come together with all your teammates again to prepare for the upcoming season. Pushing each other to our limits, the search for perfection, the drive to become better and better.

Camp brings out the best of each of us, but it is also hard and exhausting which makes you also see everyone’s sensitive side. Even the most energise people in the team will take that powernap after the fifth hard and long day in the saddle and as longer into the camp as you come, the higher you will value those extra minutes you can sleep in the morning instead of fixing your hair and makeup before breakfast. Yes we are athletes who is going out for training, still when you walk into the dining room you might want to look “just fine”.

I could tell you all about the training rides and how beautiful the area around Tarragona is for cycling, but if you read this then you have probably already seen all that on Facebook or Instagram from our daily updates. Yes, the training was great and as well the scenery. For me the camp was not a normal camp since I am still recovering from my second pericarditis. Without further details, for me it both sucked and was great, but I guess that’s part of the recovery.

When you are on team camp there is a lot of other things happening besides training. Or sometimes it feels like that and sometimes not. Train, eat, sleep and repeat. That’s true, the focus is on those things but when you have a whole bunch of girls together (I guess it is similar with boys teams?) for a week you talk about a lot of other things than cycling as well. I mean, staying on a sport resort surrounding by a lot of other sports team, all from football teams to other cycling teams to kids teams, means that there are a lot of people around you. Most time of the year we spend together just girls and with half of the team being single and with handsome football and cycling guys around then you can probably guess a high ranked topic discussed.

My house was the study-house I guess. Anne and I did our daily studies even if we sometimes were maybe too tired after training for it. The idea of taking that short powernap after training before starting to study is in theory great, new energy and new focus. Practically not as great when you wake up two hours later and it is almost dinner and the time for study you had slept away. I guess the nap was then well needed.

Coffee, the cyclists’ best friend. Honestly the coffee wasn’t that great at breakfast so after Wednesdays easier training some of the girls and I decided to run up the
training with a coffee or ice-cream at the beach. You guess finding a café at the Spanish Playa will be easy. It is not! At least not an open one. It all ended with coffee and ice-cream at McDonald’s, not so much better than the breakfast coffee but at least we had a good time together.

The Scandinavian duo of the team had both a great week. With all Dutch speaking people around you it is kind of nice to be able to speak your own language sometimes. We did more than just speak though. Driving the car alone together from the airport to the resort without GPS and the right address was easier said than done. Ending up on the wrong highway, stopped by rebuilding road, driving on small roads up in the mountain without knowing why we were there. Talking and laughing we made it to the resort after an adventures drive. The Scandinavian duo was finally reunited. By the way, have you seen the pictures from our nationality swop? If not, here it is below.

So camp was a success, both speaking about training and team-spirit. The season start for the team is just around the corner with Omloop van het Hageland – UCI 1.2 on February 26st. I am having a positive feeling of what I believe the team can achieve this year. We will keep holding on to our signature quote which I fully believe in. TEAM – Together Everyone Achieves More