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Preview: 2019 Tour de Bretagne Féminin | SWABO x Biehler Pro Cycling

The Tour de Bretagne Feminin is back on the international women’s calendar and we are thrilled to be part of it. SWABO and Biehler Pro Cycling will join forces in this 2.2 race.

Of the six riders that wear the Biehler Pro Cycling jersey in the five-day stage race, three will be from the SWABO Women Development Elite Team, whereas the other three will represent Biehler Pro Cycling in the northwest of France.

You might wonder how this works. Luckily, the team’s DS Stefan van Klink is always up to explain how this works: “This is a beautiful race where our #CyclingDoneDifferently vision can prove itself”, he says. “Of course, we would like to be up front in the race and we firmly believe that is possible. But in the end, that is not where this race will be about; this race is especially great for the development of young riders.”

“The SWABO’s joining the Biehler Pro Cycling girls have all proved they are tough as nails. Their performances in races like the Tour of Uppsala are the proof for that. This race gives them another chance to test themselves against some of the best riders in the world. And, best of all, they get the opportunity to learn from the Biehler Pro Cycling riders, who are also ready to give it their best shot this week. For sure, the racing itself will give their careers a boost, but in our organization, we are proud to go above and beyond in rider development in every way we can.”

Results are logical successors to development

“It is safe to say that everyone is really excited to participate in this race. Despite not having been on the calendar for a few years, the race is still well-known in the peloton and we look forward to be part of the race’s legacy. I think there is a very nice course that will make for some really interesting racing. I believe we could be up for some really nice results, but that’s not the main goal for us this week. Results are logical successors to development.”

What you need to know about the 2019 Tour de Bretagne Féminin

Stage 1: Val D’Anast – Goven (122 km)
Stage 2: Plouay – Pontivy (115 km)
Stage 3: Pledran – Pledran TT (10,7 km)
Stage 4: Saint Goueno – Loudeác (121 km)
Stage 5: Plouguin – Lannilis (119 km)

All stages will approximately finish between 16.45 and 17.30 CET. The race won’t be televised live, but it can be followed via social media. These are the race’s social media accounts: TwitterFacebook and Instagram.

Naturally, we will bring you stories from the race as well. Make sure you follow Biehler Pro Cycling’s (Twitter, Facebook and Instagram) and SWABO’s (Twitter, Facebook and Instagram) social media accounts to be up to date.

#CyclingDoneDifferently in the 2019 Tour de Bretagne Féminin

Merel Hofman
Natalie van Gogh
Melanie Klement
Phaedra Krol
Laura van Regenmortel
Inez Beijer

Mechanic: Nadine Post
DS: Stefan van Klink