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Report: 2019 Tour of Uppsala | Biehler Pro Cycling

Last week, Biehler Pro Cycling was able to ride aggressively in the Swedish countryside. Whereas the Tour of Uppsala could have been better results-wise, the team went on to sweep the podium in the Skandis GP, Europe’s toughest criterium.

Roos Hoogeboom

“When I look back on the Tour of Uppsala I would say we had a very good race, even though this was not always visible the results sheet”, says Roos Hoogeboom. “In the first stage Merel was close to our first UCI victory with a very well timed attack late in the stage. That was an awesome moment.”

“The day after we had a good plan and we split the bunch apart a few times, but after some bad luck we weren’t able to finish that off. Personally, I had very good legs on the final day of the race, so that gives me a lot of confidence for the upcoming races, especially because I don’t have that many race days in my legs yet.”

After a well-deserved rest day Biehler Pro Cycling then went on to dominate the Skandis GP, a criterium that favours climbers. Marissa Baks went for an early solo, and she was able to finish it off.

Hoogeboom and Quinty Ton were part of a chasing group. In the final, Hoogeboom escaped out of the group to take home second place, and Ton won the sprint for third place, which meant the Biehler Pro Cycling kit was all over the podium.

Biehler Pro Cycling’s next race is already around the corner. Coming Thursday, the team will line up in the Vuelta a Burgos, a race that will suit climbers as well. The Spanish 1.1 race is followed almost immediately by the team’s first Women’s WorldTour race, the 2019 Emakumeen Bira.

Results Biehler Pro Cycling in Tour of Uppsala

Stage 1:
9. Merel Hofman
25. Nienke Wasmus
29. Roos Hoogeboom
38. Quinty Ton
52. Marissa Baks

Stage 2:
13. Nienke Wasmus
14. Merel Hofman
18. Quinty Ton
33. Roos Hoogeboom
34. Marissa Baks

Stage 3:
23. Quinty Ton
28. Merel Hofman
30. Nienke Wasmus
39. Roos Hoogeboom
44. Marissa Baks

General classification 2019 Tour of Uppsala:
9. Merel Hofman
20. Nienke Wasmus
24. Quinty Ton
28. Roos Hoogeboom
40. Marissa Baks

Results Biehler Pro Cycling in Skandis GP:
1. Marissa Baks
2. Roos Hoogeboom
3. Quinty Ton
8. Merel Hofman
9. Nienke Wasmus