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Report: Stage 1 Tour of Uppsala 2019 | Biehler Pro Cycling

Once again Biehler Pro Cycling came close to its first-ever UCI win.

At the end of the opening stage of the 2019 Tour of Uppsala, where Biehler Pro Cycling was always up there at the front of the race, it first looked like Nienke Wasmus could sprint for the victory. “There was an attack on a climb and I was able to join the front group. The cooperation in the front group sadly wasn’t so good. There were lots of changes in tempo and they were throwing it in the gutter. On the last little climb before the finish I was just empty”, Wasmus says after the race.

Merel Hofman was able to join the front group that would sprint for victory in the final kilometres. “It was a hectic race, where I think we did really well as a team. Nienke represented us in the first group for a long time, and after she was dropped I did everything to take over her role.”

“I think I joined the first group four kilometres before the finish line. I was tired after a hectic stage and I thought playing all or nothing would be the best option for me since I did not feel like there was a sprint left in my legs. I waited for a good moment and I managed to get a gap in the final kilometre, but sadly I could not hold on to it. Still, I am in an excellent position after the first stage and I hope we can improve over the next days.”

The second stage of the 2019 Tour of Uppsala is a 109,6-kilometre long stage. The race will be streamed live here at 16.30 CET.

Results Biehler Pro Cycling in first stage Tour of Uppsala

9. Merel Hofman
24. Nienke Wasmus
29. RoosHoogeboom
38. Quinty Ton
52. Marissa Baks